twitter vs. StatusNet

pretty cool if we want to use with a dirty setup and a dirty opensim hack the proof of concetpt works. sending a chat messages out of a prim box with no “twitter OAuth” stress ;-)

a look on authenticating and HOWTO Use the API will be necessary, to kill the Error 413, which does not affect the posted message.



…. he asks, `do you say you look at the table, or you look out the table?’

Original Quotes: ….So while the other two are dealing with boredom and claustrophobia by loafing in bed Benigni decides to draw a window on the cell wall. When he’s finished he turns to them. `In English,’ he asks, `do you say you look at the window, or you look out the window?’… (Down by Law, Film 1986)

RL setup

Any additions, changes, suggestions are sought for, of course. I am holding on to the photoshop file, as well as the little modeling thingy that I made in SL. So, I can change things around in a tick, per your input.

block diagram of lpdt2

this is an updated version of the diagrams outlined in the planning phase. although i know that some elements of the flow of text in lpdt2 are missing, i thought it might be helpful to have it posted here. the interaction with the physical gallery space via screen and SMS is not mentioned here, and the avatars connected to pandora bots are also not in the picture. please let me know what else is missing!

resuming work

nothing spectacular, but this image shows that two problems for porting LPDT2 to the Opensim grid OSGrid are solved:

1) text can be displayed on the surface of a primitive as dynamic textures

2) the LPDT2 database is accessible

and yet another advantage: there is no limit on how many textures to display, and the textures can be transparent! that’s really good news, if you remember alpha’s initial avatar designs or the labyrinth.

the downside of the story is that loading the dynamic textures takes quite a while, and may be a problem for visitors with slower internet access. and until a texture is loaded it looks pretty ugly …


machinima by Mab MacMoragh.

there’s an updated version on vimeo, but wordpress doesn’t allow embedding vimeo videos.

our local contact at INDAF wearing alpha’s outfit

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