tabletop experiments


first experiments with the tabletop – bumping into the objects moves them around, the objects avoid each other and also the avatars.


tweet it!

the twitter interface is up and running again, it’s placed at the soup sim Eryri in Second Life. you can contribute again to the pleating of the text by adding sentences from the database appearing on the left panel to the twitter stream on the right.


one of the doors below one of the tables. the doors are a contribution to better integrate the historical roots by using parts of the original text for ‘doors’, which are distributed over the various levels of the installation. the ‘doors’ serve as means of transport, clicking on one of them teleports the visitor to another place – another part of the original text and another part of the new installation – but the these connections are not fixed, they change so that in a way every part is connected with every other part, a folding or pleating of the installation space that mirrors the pleating of the text.


new layer at about 2000 – a clockwork of interconnected sentences – and yes, here i’m using the famous rotating prims!


data tables. one hundred tables. one sentence per table. every 10 minutes, a new sentence is chosen.

ground level

vertical words for the ground level. each column of letters is the first word of one of 200 consecutive sentences read automatically from the generated text.

the labyrinth level

a new version of the letter-labyrinth, we’ll see whether we keep this or change it again, but it looks promising!