observer 4001

lpdt3 teaser01 from Team LPDT on Vimeo.


HYPERBLEAK aka desert

totaly new level at 4000 meters: Hyperbleak

Camouflage avatars and animated prims

The three images above show the avatar at the exact same location, standing still. What makes the change is the revolving spirals. The same thing also happens on the blue floor when the avatar stands in front of Max’s black and white sculpty hill, on which the texture moves. Since the avatars are made in such a way that they blend into their environment the effect is very cool in both places. I will also document this with video as soon as I can.

For now – my architect colleagues: Bear this in mind, while you are rezzing away! Anything that moves will look totally awesome I think… Of course, we shouldn’t overdo it either, but…

A good sky preset for LPDT3

I have been trying out quite a few of them, and the one that I am happiest with so far is Analou Outdoor City, which is already on the default list of all metaverse viewers.

The challenge with this version of LPDT is that we are using quite strong colors in various locations, and especially on the blue floor. And almost all sky settings, including the default noon and midnight, affect the blue floor pretty badly. With the default ones, when you set to noon the blue becomes washed out, and at midnight it is too dark. And as for all the nicer presets, those do not work at all since they colorize the blue which then becomes either purplish or greenish.

I think that Analou Outdoor City does not affect the blue, or at least only to a very small extent, good enough to live with in. And then it looks very good on all the other floors as well, especially so with Selavy’s spirals, but also on the ground level as I am showing in this screenshot.

the alpha layer

Working with the new avatars. First one is the one for the blue floor. Although I made a full skin for this, I suddenly had this idea to try out the alpha layer on the appearance palette by making a texture out of bitmap text. Initially I made one where the point size is bigger, then I made the whole thing denser by reducing the point size.  Not sure which density is better. What is seen on the image here is the smaller size.

next version draft




groundlevel draft