Initially I tried doing some stuff with the alpha layer for these ones as well, but it seems to me that with a single letter this does not work too well, since I think that the alpha effect works best with pattern type things.

So, my idea right now is that the letters should somehow fade into the skin around the edges, so that the whole thing does not end up looking like a college sweatshirt. For the same reason I also want to shift the letters slightly away from the center and keep them at slightly different levels, so that (again) we do not have something that looks like a soccer team line-up. In short, this really does have a lot of connotations with sports gear, and team apparel etc, and therefore the challenge is to get it to move away from that domain. I think that the letters can also be dark in some instances or the skin light and the letter dark in others, so that the variation in tone also helps break up the “line-up” feeling. I should also add that the sunburst pattern I am not sure about, I may delete that altogether or replace it with something else.

I am thinking that these will do the trick, however before I sit down and make almost 27 skins, I would like some feedback please.