we have to make some decisions now concerning the text:

A) what input should the text generator use?

  1. take all ~30000 texts in the project gutenberg as input?
  2. take only the ~16 selected gutenberg books in the NLTK (natural language toolkit)?
  3. take any other selection of gutenberg books? which would mean someone has to make that selection and look through the available texts.

B) what happens with the output of the text generator?

  1. should it go to the database? or should we leave the database for some real-time input session? we could make an appointment with some people we know, sit with our avatars somewhere on the sim, send IMs to the bots, and replicate la plissure du texte. this could be a special event, for example.
  2. if the generated text is not going to the database, will it just stream away? should it be saved somewhere?
  3. if the generated text does go to the database, how much text do we want to generate? right now, my script is throttled to one sentence every 30 seconds, that’s a lot!

C) what happens to the SMS sent by the korean visitors and processed by mike’s bot?

  1. i think we agreed that those shouldn’t go to the database
  2. but they need to become visible to the visitor
  3. so the question is: how do we achieve this, given we have the text available in second life

btw, you may or may not have noticed: the bot at level 1 who is speaking the text gets a response to every sentence from a pandora bot (currently only on a panel). sometimes this results in a kind of dialogue. but it’s conceptually interesting, because it couples two different autopoetic systems, and i consider this a pleating within the pleated text.

it would be interesting what mike’s bot would do with these sentences. so, mike, if you’re reading this, please let me know whether we could couple the text generator to your bot!

as always, comments are highly welcome! and don’t forget that we still need jobs for the bots!