Hi all, sorry for joining the party late, or gatecrashing… I have discussed our potential contribution to the system you have been defining, and I think it might fit both technically and conceptually.

So if I just ramble on for a bit explaining what it is and then suggest how it might fit and then leave it open for comment (feel free to be ruthless)…

Essentially this would be a reversion (with major brain surgery – literally) of a system we have been playing with for a while not. It started with an AI bot that would respond to and from learn from SMS TXT’s. An SMS gateway transfered the incoming txt’s to our server which te AI would answer the tel number with an ‘intelligent’ txt. usual bot stuff but with very customizable and sensitive to learning with the ability to txt. This ran for ages and was a big hit with teenage girls (for some reason) many (from tracking the conversations) were convinced the bot was real. We then implanted the AI brain into our intelligent building here in Plymouth (Arch-os.com). Called Noogy it was a large tamagotchi AI that took his personality form the Arch-OS system (for instance, plugged into the environmental sensors he got cold when the temperature dropped, wet etc, also lonely when the CCTV cameras could not see people in the building etc). We had him on a 10x8m LED matrix screen on the fron of the building and his sms conversations were printed on the building but also back to the txt’r.

We had a lexicon of filth installed to cut out the naughty words, although a slight slip allowed some drunks to write some very large rude words on the side of the University, which also made page 3 of the local paper. Not quite sure how this might work in Korea?

We can also aggregate twitter feeds  to feed in along side sms’s.

We have had some success getting live data feeds into SL but only in our open sim server.

We have also managed to get live feeds out to our other server. These outgoing feeds can be generated through interactions with objects.

I would suggest that we can lobotomize the Noogy AI and replace his personality with LPDT2 juices. Tx’s from visitors or anyone with the number will be able to be feed into the LPDT. Other feeds could come from twitter (or facebook – probably). The LPDT2 AI could respond to txts within SL but also possibly send back (subject to korean telephony costs etc). The interesting thing about the AI is that it learns from the flow of text that feeds it, so for instance, once he learned rude words it took some major surgery to civilise him again. In this context there would be some very interesting language emerging from the agregation of the SL conversations.

We wlould also be able to output feeds to twitter and faxcebook… probably.

So end of blurb. Sound appropriate?