some screenshots from angewandte to document the progress. i’m now starting to use the whole space, not just a single corner. for example, i added one sim-wide layer of black letters at 300 m, which is continuously rewritten to show the whole content of the database (note that the letters are now better aligned).

view from above. during rewriting letters from the last page slowly float into the sky. letters also fly away when an avatar collides with them. a semitransparent layer of white shared-media text is covering the whole scene.

note my avatar hovering over the layer. flying around in this scenery feels like flying inside the text.

don’t forget using viewer 2 for the complete effect, and some black&white windlight setting is currently recommended, too.

and here is the latest addition to this layer: the bot is walking around and dropping red letters. you can send IMs to the bot, which should then be added to the database.