update on shared media text display: we won’t be able to make hundreds of objects carrying text displayed as HTML content, because we suffer from the ‘feature’ of the viewer to only show about 5 pages at a time.

nonetheless, we can use this feature, and i plan to do so. for example, the picture above shows a line of text on a megaprim outside of the simulator using HTML code with white font color and black background.

here is a gigantic megaprim just below the water surface displaying the database text. some playing around with the HTML code of the internally generated display page could give additional nice text effects, but i’m not a javascript coder at all.

btw: the visuals. what’s shown above is monochrome again. max and i though about using primary colors. but we can have both monochrome and coloured levels. i could even drop a script in each coloured prim to switch between color and b&w. i did this for another piece, the environment, and it was very impressive when it was switched back and forth.