now that we have several key elements together, we might want to think about putting them together.

more specifically, do we want to stay with the wandering bots as transceivers? that works, but i can as well set up a simple prim as mailbox, in which one could drop notecards, or to which one could talk in text chat (for example, the chat could enter the database only when spoken from a certain position, etc.).

do we want the sim having several levels? at each level, a different bot could walk around and wait for input, and the pleated text could be transmitted back to the visitors by different means. and each level could have a different visual appearance, but connected by rising streams of letters (which even might change color depending on the level etc.)

do we want dynamic terraforming at the ground level, as elif had suggested before?

how do we want visitors to interact? or will it be a closed sim, just accessible for the contributors, and visible on a screen for the visitors in seoul? what happens in seoul?