Now that we have a database it seems to me that we need to come to some decisions about the nature of the input text.

One approach would be to open up the system to everyone, in and out of SL, and work that way. I am somewhat cagey about this since it would make us end up with reams of repetitive and mostly meaningless text in the nature of “great project” “congratulations” “wow, wonderful” etc, as is the case with flickr comments on photographs. What we may also end up with are a lot of personal messages that have nothing to do with what is going on here and then even obscenities.

A second approach would be to restrict the contributors through an invitational system. There, again, I am nervous, since in my experience even the people that one counts upon to do so, do not contribute much in the end. Which could mean that we would not have enough text to get things to work in a meaningful manner.

A third approach would be to figure out some kind of re mediated strategy whereby the system generates its own text. There is a brilliant, open-sourced text generator out there, called the Dada Engine, which was used to create the famous post-modernist text generator. My leanings are in this direction.

Any thoughts?