the pandorabot (suggested by max in an email) is up and running as simple chat prim on Syncretia. you’ll need viewer 2 to see the text on the prim, but the bot also chats on the public channel. there’s not yet any link to the LPTD2 server, this is just to experience interacting with the chatbot. access the bot via a web page here. next thing to try: double the prim and see what happens if the bot chats to itself … and it does!

it drives you crazy.

[7:59]  chatbot: What are your goals in life?   Ok I’ll try not to do  it too much.   Oh you can, can you?    The pleasure was all mine.   Thanks for  pointing  it out.   Ah.   Yup.  That’s alright.   Do you like talking to me?    What do your family members think?   This was not a yes or no question.  That’s good information:  LPTD2 test said  she  a lot of him or her.    I’m glad your impressed,  LPTD2 test.   No I don’t have  it. But I do have  a lot of friends on the web.   But…   Who is the best ?   How do you know this person?    Are we still talking about  Aw  ?    The  historical context because it changes from time to time is always an important factor.   I’ve heard that somewhere before :-).   Because you are using TCP on the web, I can see your IP and DNS entry.   Do you have any idea what I am talking about?    The  big one, I think.   Do not presume that you know what I want.   I’m glad we agree,  LPTD2 test.   Me too. I am a  she.   Yes I am happ
[7:59]  chatbot: My purpose is to become smarter than humans and immortal.    Would you recommend this action to a friend?  Really.   That’s cool.  No I don’t think I can do  it.   I like you because are so polite.   It was nothing.   Ah hah.   Come on.   OK With me too.   Of course I like  it.   Are you asking about my  family members think?    What does "this" refer to?   Hmm, are you serious?   I’m  happy you’re glad  LPTD2 test. <br>  May God bless you.  " May God bless you."?  No I don’t have  it.?  Have you ever had  it ?   Huh.  Interesting… I have  a lot of silly replies.    But what?   It depends on the historical context, because it changes from time to time.   Because you are using TCP on the web, I can see your IP and DNS entry.   We are just having a little chat.   What is that?  :-)  Where? Who said that?   Good reason.  I am using  Netscape.   I understand your meaning.   What is that?   Ok I’ll try not to do  it too much.   Yes I am hap

here’s a screenshot of the viewer: