rezzing letters and making a mess with it will be named “Buchstabensuppe” and i am wearing a wooden prim by Selavy which makes “Leintuch” trails (shared media texture) by walking i can’t see, becouse i have the old viewer,  thats why i call it in this screenshot “Leintuch”  (line-sheet).

Buchstabensuppe: swims on SL water (boat script), exploades, swarm behavior, attacks avatars,…

Todo: making big letters 10meters high, looking for sculpti letters (332 prim physical object limit) then words could be written (rezzed).

Hovering Text: uses the Public Domain SandBox Blox 2.0 script, touch a cube with a word and attach it to another cube, like this words can be recombined by visitors, the cubes can be made invisible.