This blog has been set up for a number of reasons:

The first one is to facilitate the communication between the developers of the project. There are quite a few of us involved in various capacities – designers, artists, coders and then of course Roy Ascott himself, whose brain child LPDT2 is. Over the next few months we will be exchanging vast amounts of data – text but also visuals, be they images, videos, charts or flow sheets. Although this is currently not anticipated as part of the project, there may even come a time when we may wish to share sound files. While this communication can be achieved via email, a blog interface where we can transmit all sorts of things even inside a single post, seems to be the smart way to proceed.

The second reason is that once we are underway, we are hoping that the amassed material which shows the progress of our work may prove to be interesting reading material in and of itself. That readers may wish to follow what we do, possibly contribute with their comments, make suggestions which will help us and the like.

And third, we know that once our work is completed and LPDT2 is up and running in Second Life and shown in Seoul, Korea, in September 2010, it will be a very good thing to have a dedicated website of the project to which its visitors both “real” and “virtual” can be directed to.